#01 Joshua Tseng – Degenerative Eyesight, Tumbling Down Lecture Halls, & Blind Studying

May 31, 2017

On the maiden voyage of Channel Empathy, Arman interviews his co-host for the podcast: Joshua. Born with congenital glaucoma, Joshua has dealt with degenerative eyesight throughout his childhood. We have some obvious questions answered about living without functional vision, and we also touch on some of the less apparent challenges, such as Joshua’s coping with social activities after losing his ability to read non-verbal cues.

Channel Empathy is a project born out of the collaboration between The Everyday Peiple and Etch Empathy. The Everyday People is a lifestyle portal that aims to inform, inspire, engage and connect with the millennial generation in Singapore, while Etch Empathy is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore with a vision of a world without poverty.


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